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This table contains information regarding individual sporting goods retail stores as well as chain and franchise headquarters. Information regarding officers of the companies can be found in the table ‘RETOFF’.

  • "ID" (Numerical): This field must be used to link the company to the proper officers in RETOFF.
  • "StoreName" (Text): Store name or DBA.
  • "CorpName" (Text): Corporate name.
  • "Directional" (Text): Suite or other address information.
  • "Street" (Text): Street address and/or P.O. Box.
  • "City" (Text)
  • "State" (Text)
  • "Zip" (Text)
  • "Phone" (Text)
  • "TollFree" (Text): ‘800’ phone number.
  • "Fax" (Text)
  • "WWW" (Text) World Wide Web URL
  • "E-mail" (Text) internet mail address

The following 7 fields refer to the annual sales volume of the retail store or chain.

  • "<500m" (Yes/No): Annual sales for the store or chain of less than $500,000.
  • "500m-1mm" (Yes/No): Annual sales in the range of $500,000 - $1,000,000.
  • "1mm-3mm" (Yes/No): Annual sales in the range of $1,000,000 - $3,000,000.
  • "3mm-10mm" (Yes/No): Annual sales in the range of $3,000,000 - $10,000,000.
  • "10mm-30mm" (Yes/No): Annual sales in the range of $10,000,000 - $30,000,000.
  • "30mm-100mm" (Yes/No): Annual sales in the range of $30,000,000 - $100,000,000.
  • ">100mm" (Yes/No): Annual sales of $100,000,000 or more.
  • "NoofMembers" (Numerical): If company is a buying group, how many members does it have.
  • "NoofCompStores" (Numerical): How many locations within the US are operated by the company.
  • "CompStoreStates" (Text): States in which the company operates stores.
  • "IsFranchiseeOf" (Text): If a franchisee, lists the franchisor corporation.
  • "NoofFranchisees" (Numerical): How many franchises within the US are licensed by the company.
  • "FranchiseeStates" (Text): States in which the company licenses franchisees.

The following 22 fields refer to the general classification of the retail stores.

  • "ClDist" (Yes/No): Company also sells wholesale to other retailers.
  • "ClApparl" (Yes/No): Sports apparel specialty.
  • "ClDeptGM" (Yes/No): Department store or general merchandise store.
  • "ClDiscnt" (Yes/No): Discount store.
  • "ClFanShp" (Yes/No): Fan store.
  • "ClFWSpec" (Yes/No): Athletic footwear specialty store.
  • "ClFLSG" (Yes/No): Full-line sporting goods store.
  • "ClMail" (Yes/No): Mail order.
  • "ClRental" (Yes/No): Rents sporting goods.
  • "ClOthSpec" (Yes/No): Specialty store.
  • "ClTeam" (Yes/No): Team store.
  • "ClEcom" (Yes/No): E-commerce.
  • "ClBike" (Yes/No): Bike Specialty store.
  • "ClWinter" (Yes/No): Winter Sports Specialty store.
  • "ClOutdoor" (Yes/No): Outdoor Specialty store.
  • "ClRunning" (Yes/No): Running Specialty store.
  • "ClSoccer" (Yes/No): Soccer Specialty store.
  • "ClTennis" (Yes/No): Tennis Specialty store.
  • "ClGolf" (Yes/No): Golf Specialty store.
  • "ClExercise" (Yes/No): Exercise Specialty store.
  • "ClUrban" (Yes/No): Urban Fashion Apparel & Footwear Specialty store.
  • "ClOther" (Text)

The following 31 fields refer to product categories carried by the retailer.

  • "CATAppNLic" (Yes/No) Apparel, Non-licensed including branded, performance, swimwear, cycling, underwear, "sportswear" & "activewear."
  • "CATAppLic" (Yes/No) Apparel & Caps, Licensed, including anything with a team, league, or otherwise licensed name on it that goes on your body.
  • "CATAppUrb" (Yes/No) Apparel, Urban, including apparel whose styling is inspired by hip-hop culture and intended for an urban or urban-influenced customer.
  • "CATAppFas" (Yes/No) Apparel, Fashion, including sportswear or sports influenced apparel designed for non-athletic wear.
  • "CATSkiRugAp" (Yes/No) Ski & Rugged Apparel, Outerwear, includes apparel for ski, hiking, camping, climbing, from casual to technical, including jackets, hats.
  • "CATOthLic" (Yes/No) Other Licensed Products, including team collectibles.
  • "CATAthFW" (Yes/No) Athletic Footwear, including aerobics/ fitness, basketball, bowling, golf, tennis/ court, running, x-training, walking, wrestling, volleyball, cleated (baseball, softball, football, lacrosse, field hockey, soccer, track & field) cycling, sport casual, etc.
  • "CATRugFW" (Yes/No) Rugged/ Outdoor Footwear, including hiking, climbing, work boots, sport sandals, boat shoes, moccasins & outdoor x-training/trail running, etc.
  • "CATTeamEq" (Yes/No) Team Athletic Equipment, including all equipment for "ball sports," (foot, base, soft, basket, volley), soccer, lacrosse, field hockey track & field.
  • "CATBicycle" (Yes/No) Bicycle Equipment & Accessories, including bikes, components.
  • "CATBowlBilGame" (Yes/No) Bowling, Billards & Games Equipment & Accessories.
  • "CATCampHike" (Yes/No) Camping, Climbing & Hiking Equipment & Accessories, including tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, ropes, bug repellant, pitons & carabiners.
  • "CATCheer" (Yes/No) Cheerleading Apparel, Footwear, Equipment & Accessories.
  • "CATExerTrain" (Yes/No) Exercise/ Weight Training Equipment & Accessories, includes exercise bikes, steppers, treadmills, racks, barbells, dumbells, lifting belts, steps, slides, universals, nautilus, boxing, gymnastics.
  • "CATGolf" (Yes/No) Golf Equipment & Accessories, including clubs, balls, bags.
  • "CATFish" (Yes/No) Fishing Equipment & Accessories, including rods, bait, tackle, waders, etc.
  • "CATHuntShoot" (Yes/No) Hunting, Shooting & Archery Equipment & Accessories, including guns, scopes, ammo, bows, arrows, targets, etc.
  • "CATIceHock" (Yes/No) Ice Hockey & Skating Equipment & Accessories, including skates, components, sticks, pads, goals, pucks (also everything for street hockey except the skates).
  • "CATImpEmb" (Yes/No) Imprinted or Embroidered Apparel, includes custom store-made apparel only.
  • "CATOthSpt" (Yes/No) Other Sports & Games, including billiards tables, cues & balls; bowling balls, pins, & lane equipment; darts & boards; bocce balls, horseshoes, shuffleboard, curling, frisbees, hula hoops, etc.
  • "CATInLine" (Yes/No) In-line Skating, Roller Skating & Skateboarding Equipment & Accessories, including protective gear.
  • "CATSki" (Yes/No) Ski Equipment & Accessories (Alpine & Nordic), including skis, boots, bindings, poles, goggles, snowshoes.
  • "CATSnowboard" (Yes/No) Snowboard Equipment & Accessories, including boards, boots, bindings.
  • "CATSoccer" (Yes/No) Soccer Equipment & Accessories including balls, cleats, protective gear.
  • "CATLacrosse" (Yes/No) Lacrosse Equipment & Accessories including sticks, balls, cleats, protective gear.
  • "CATAcces" (Yes/No) Sports Accessories, eyewear, hosiery, watches, videos, books, sport bags, jewelry, trinkets, geegaws, etc.
  • "CATMedTA" (Yes/No) Sports Medicine & Training Aids, includes nutrition supplements, vitamins, support garments, theraputic aids, etc.
  • "CATTenRacq" (Yes/No) Tennis/Racquet Sports Equipment & Accessories, including racquets, balls & accessories for squash, racquetball, badminton, paddle/platform tennis.
  • "CATWater" (Yes/No) Water Sports Equipment & Accessories, including swimming, scuba, boating, surfing, sailboarding, kneeboards, boogieboards, kayak, water ski, canoe, water safety/flotation devices.
  • "CATTrophy" (Yes/No) Trophies & Awards.
  • "CATTailgating" (Yes/No) Tailgating Equipment & Accessories.


This table contains information regarding officers of retail companies. Other information regarding the companies can be found in the table ‘RETGEN’.

  • "ID" (Numerical): This field must be used to link the officers to the proper company in RETGEN.
  • "First" (Text): First name.
  • "Last" (Text): Last name.
  • "Title" (Text)

The following fields refer to the areas of responsibility handled by the officer.

  • "KeyCont" (Yes/No): The one key person to contact for general business inquiries.
  • "President" (Yes/No)
  • "Manager" (Yes/No)
  • "GMM" (Yes/No)
  • "Buyer" (Yes/No)
  • "Finance" (Yes/No)
  • "OthMgmt" (Yes/No)


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