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The SGI Directory has been the biggest and best source of sporting goods contacts and companies since 1993. We are including the PC Edition of the SGI Directory, plus a full year of access to the SGI Directory Online, free with every SGI Directory purchase.

10,600+ U.S. retail stores and chains, arranged by state. Buying centers for more than $38 billion worth of sporting goods each year for over 100,000 storefronts. Includes major chains and full-line sporting goods stores, as well as discounters, e-commerce and catalog retailers and specialty retailers nationwide.


7,000+ manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and sales agents. Multiple contact names, including presidents, sales, marketing, production and purchasing managers, and many more.

Plus a trade show calendar, sports publications and sports organizations, all with detailed contact information.

With every SGI Directory, we are including a USB card with our new SGI Directory PC Edition. Load it on your laptop for travelling, or on your desktop for quick lookups in the office. Compatible with Windows XP through 10 in compatibility mode (U.S. editions).


Users with Macs or other operating systems can still use the online Directory.


Want to export data or create mailing lists? You'll need our Database

Anywhere you have web access, you have the online SGI Directory. From your office computer, phone or mobile device you can look up sales leads, companies and contacts. Your username and password is good for a full year.


Plus, we'll update the web site throughout the year. We can't send you a new book as companies change and managers move, but we'll keep up-to-date on-line.


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If, you are not satisfied with the SGI Directory for any reason, ship it back to us within 30 days of purchase--and prior to unlocking the PC Edition--for a full refund. That's all there is to it. No hassles, no questions asked.


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