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Comprehensive retail analysis:

  • Retail consolidation is one of the biggest issues facing the sporting goods industry...
  • The strong are getting stronger. SGI covers the emerging companies in depth—winners and losers—analyzing the impact on the retail picture. SGI helps you understand these companies and their strategies so you can plan to market effectively to them or around them.
  • And the weak are fading away. With major retail chains failing in the last few years, nearly everyone is a creditor. We tell you what's going on with the trade creditors committee… negotiations… pay-outs… and more.

The latest news and analysis of the major companies in athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and retail:

  • Detailed analysis of earnings, public offerings, acquisitions
  • Management news on patent, legal, trade and government issues
  • New developments on the international front.

First-rate financial analysis:

  • Every major brokerage firm interested in sporting goods subscribes to SGI.
  • We have subscribers at all the major sporting goods companies.
  • We are frequently quoted and cited in business publications including The Wall Street Journal, Fortune and others.



  • Publisher John Horan has been covering the sporting goods industry since he created SportStyle in 1978. He has been publishing Sporting Goods Intelligence since 1984.
  • European licensee Gene DiMaria has been covering this industry for nearly 30 years.
  • This team has the contacts to uncover the news anywhere, and the experience to analyze and present the facts that are crucial to the health of your business. 



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